Our Staff

Danusia Pawska

Danusia Pawska is a founding partner and Co-Director of Achieve Fluency. Danusia is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on autism. With over 10 years of experience consulting to families and schools, she designs, implements and monitors educational programs for learners with autism and related disabilities using a variety of instructional technologies including fluency-based instruction, discrete trial teaching and direct instruction. She also conducts functional behavioral assessments and develops behavior support plans. Danusia presents at national and regional conferences, and conducts in service trainings and workshops for professionals and parents.

Christine Cukar-Capizzi

Christine Cukar-Capizzi is a Co-Director and founding partner of Achieve Fluency.  Christine is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University.  She has a Masters Degree in Special Education with a concentration on autism spectrum disorders.  In the fall, Christine will begin working on her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hartford. She has consulted to schools and families for children with autism and related disabilities for over 10 years.  Her responsibilities have included developing educational programs using behaviorally based methodologies with an emphasis on fluency-based instruction.  She also performs functional assessments, designs behavior support plans and monitors their implementation.  Christine gives workshops for parents and professionals and also presents at regional and national conferences.