Social Thinking Classes

P.L.A.Y. Groups

Being lonely is not a right of passage. Unfortunately, for many children with ASD, LD, ADHD and other related challenges, loneliness is a part of their life. For them making and keeping friends can be as challenging as scaling Mt Everest in sneakers. They're lonely not by choice, but because they need to develop the skills necessary to make friends.


Achieve Fluency offers P.L.A.Y. (Positive Learning Activities for Youngsters) groups to help children build friendships through P.L.A.Y. in a fun, supportive environment.  Based on Michelle Garcia Winner's Friendship Peer-a-Mid, each activity will help lay the foundation of friendship building. Through Legos, arts and crafts, science experiments and other engaging, age appropriate activities attendees will be learning about the nuances of friendship.  By playing with other children, basics such as appropriate greetings, differentiating between casual acquaintances and close friends, and the appropriate use of social media will be explored. Most importantly, friendships will develop while having a good time.

All classes will meet at Achieve Fluency's office at 456 Glenbrook Rd., Stamford, CT.


For more information or to register contact: Danusia Pawska or Christine Cukar-Capizzi at: or by calling 203-698-0247.  Children with similar needs will be grouped together.